The hen weekend of the year is upon us...

Ok so it's my only hen night invite so far this year but I knew it was going to be epic. One of my best friends Louise, from 'Landan Taan' or London, is marrying Nigel next month, and we were going to celebrate in style.

I headed down via train and on to our apartments situated near Camden.

The bridesmaids arrived not long after me and we set about organising a few bits and bobs.

We had just decorated the room when my other friend Emma, who was heading back to her room, tripped on the steps at the front and whacked her head off the railings. This is pre alcohol I may add! An open wound and an egg shaped bump on forehead isn't the ideal way to start a hen weekend but she was an absolute trooper, and managed to do so much and be in great form throughout. It just took a trip to A&E for the wound to be glued and a ban on beverages of the alcoholic variety.

Louise arrived and I actually did a sprint along the road for a hug - she also started running and then there was an awkward point when we realised we'd collide at a ridiculous speed which would probably hurt so we stopped. Still the embrace was emotional! Friday night took us to a bar called The Bull in Islington and we were joined by 15 or so of the hens. It was really a getting to know each other evening.

Saturday was jammed packed. We headed to Browns for early lunch. Food was delicious and met more of the hen group, up to about 30 people. Louise is a popular lady! I had made a playlist for background music, all the songs were either titled 'Louise' or 'Nigel' I did have to listen and vet them as I didn't think heavy mental would be appropriate. The outcome was random but easy listening. From there we headed to Tiger Tiger for cocktail making. The two guys taking our lesson were fantastic, considering the hyper girl crowd in front of them, they did a grand job. My personal highlight was making French Martinis with Louise and of course my favourite a Caipirinha! I was impressed they asked what ones you'd like to make instead of the bog standard ones.

From Tiger Tiger, we headed back to the apartments to chill and get ready for the evening out. By this point in the day Louise knew that the theme for her night out (let's face it there is always a theme) was 'The Little Mermaid' - under the sea ensemble was requested from her hens. The theme was extremely appropriate, if Louise could be a Disney princess she would be Ariel, and she can recite the full film unaided. Now that is impressive! Now most of the girls wore blue dresses, seaweed feather boas, there was even blue wigs and coloured hair spray. However myself, Emma and Lou's friend Anna took it one step further! Oh yes! Louise dressed as Ariel, the beautiful Mermaid, Emma as her dashing Prince Eric, Anna as a mightily impressive Ursula which left me as Sebastian! There has been debate as to whether Sebastian is a crab or lobster and after carefully consideration we have settled on a Jamaican Crab (power of Google). So homemade crab claws and a red dress and I was good to go! Now I didn't upstage the bride but I certainly was in my element strutting, no wait, scuttling about!

The group came to our room for outfit showing and a recorded version of Mr and Mrs Nigel and Emma had been very secretive and the revelations were...well I suppose that should stay on the hen!

We headed out for a night in Gem bar for some drinks dares, and we wore Nigel masks.

Waking up the next morning wasn't quite so fantastic. Let's just say a tad worse for wear. Managed to shower, dress and meet the last hens standing for a breakfast brunch in Carluccio's before some more lazing about and farewells to new Facebook before getting the train home. Upgrade to first class. Yes please! The £15 was worth the phone charger alone. It really is ridiculous how much my phone is an extension of my hand, so felt calmer knowing it was gaining the essential juice needed for my texting habit! Journey was good though and made even better knowing I was getting a lift home! Simple pleasures!

Number 5, Louise's London hen, completed and still suffering!