COUNCIL workers in Glasgow are to be trained to help police tackle serious and organised crime.

Police will work with local authority staff across Scotland in the first training scheme of its kind.

The initiative will focus on tackling money laundering, improving financial intelligence, as well as how to give evidence in court.

Staff from Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, and NHS Counter Fraud Services, will take part in the project later this week.

Detective Inspector David Sharp, of the Public Sector Counter Corruption Unit said: "This is the first course of its type in Scotland and the demand has been massive.

"It is designed to help people who investigate initial allegations of wrongdoing or corruption within the public sector.

"I'm delighted our course instructors include not just colleagues from Police Scotland but also the NHS Counter Fraud Services and the legal professions."

Workers from North Lanarkshire Council, South Lanarkshire Council, West Dumbartonshire Council, Inverclyde Council, East Renfrewshire Council, will also take part.

The training course is organised by Police Scotland.

DI Sharp added: "Corruption in its many guises can have a detrimental impact on all of Scotland's local authority areas.

"If people are 'stealing' it can divert vital money and resources from those who need them most.

"Police Scotland is committed to working with Scotland's local authorities and other public sector organisations to investigate and ultimately prevent corruption.

"We are delighted at the response to this course, which we hope to run again in the future."