PARKING wardens are cracking down on taxi drivers whose vehicles clog up bus stops.

Glasgow City Council says the action is a response to complaints about drivers parking illegally, stopping buses from pulling in and contributing to congestion and pollution in the city.

But taxi bosses say the problem is further evidence more taxi ranks are needed in the city centre.

Stephen Flynn, vice chairman of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, said there is insufficient space for taxis to safely stop and passengers to congregate.

He said existing ranks are not fit for purpose, with one too short and another on the wrong side of the road, and he renewed calls for extra capacity in Glasgow.

Mr Flynn said: "This move by the council serves to once again highlight that urgent need for additional rank space for those taxis serving the city around the clock to help keep people safe.

"This is something which we are currently lobbying for as it is clear there is insufficient rank capacity in Glasgow as things stand."

He added: "Even the ranks that we have at present are not fit for purpose as, for example, one particular seven-vehicle stand in the city is only actually able to accommodate five taxis.

"Equally, the proposed replacement for our Dundas Street rank - should the prospective Queen Street station redevelopment take place - is space on the wrong side of George Street which would lead to wheelchair-user ­passengers having to access our taxis from the middle of the road rather than from the safe position of a pavement.

"Overall, what we would really welcome is more support from the council as we strive to serve Glasgow, its people and its visitors.

"More rank space would certainly help."

Anyone who stops in a bus stop can expect a £30 parking fine, rising to £60 if not paid in 14 days.

Glasgow Taxis Ltd manage two-thirds of black taxis in the city.

Mr Flynn added: "For avoidance of doubt, Glasgow Taxis Ltd encourages all of its members and drivers to ensure they park responsibly and legally when driving their vehicles.

"We certainly don't want to add to the congestion and pollution in the city centre and we would hope that we can enjoy sufficient space for our taxis to rank.

"This would not only serve the travelling public and provide visitors to our city with safe identifiable places to go for a taxi, it would also help make the city centre a safer, cleaner place."

A council spokesman said: "We would urge Glasgow Taxis to continue to take its responsibilities seriously and make it absolutely clear to its drivers they have to park legally and responsibly.

"Regrettably there continue to be too many instances of drivers parking illegally which contributes to congestion and pollution in the city centre.

"Their disregard for other road users and illegal parking means that buses often can't use a number of bus stops and puts bus passengers in danger by forcing them on to the road.

"This also causes further congestion as less traffic can pass buses.

"We will continue to engage positively with Glasgow Taxis and other stakeholders.

"In the meantime, however, we will continue to crack down on those who park illegally."