LIGHTS, camera, action and Glasgow made history with the first live recording of a meeting of the full council.

Well, the lights may have been missing and the cameras invisible but it was history nonetheless for Scotland's largest local authority.

Lord Provost Sadie Docherty started the proceedings in the dramatic council chamber by reminding her colleagues they were being filmed for an online audience - council meetings can sometimes be bad-tempered affairs with opposing parties vying to gain political advantage.

But whether it was the presence of the camera or the approach of Easter, the first televised council meeting was mainly relaxed.

SNP councillor Phil Greene even donned his kilt for the occasion -and resplendent he looked, too.

Former MSP Frank McAveety who is back on the city council representing Shettleston, has long experience of Holyrood meetings being screened.

And he managed to get in a couple of quips before he launched into the serious business of a recycling debate.

Otherwise, it was business as usual in the council chamber except for two council staff sitting quietly at the edge of the press benches staring fixedly at the computer screen in front of them.

It will be interesting to learn if the rest of city is as fascinated by what their elected representatives get up to.