Police commissioners have backed an ­officer who used a taser to disarm a knife-­wielding man.

The actions by the officer who discharged the device against the 28-year-old man have been described as "proportionate and justified" by an independent ­police watchdog.

A report by the Police ­Investigations and Review Commissioner concluded that the officer made the right decision to prevent the man injuring himself or the officers at the scene.

The incident occurred in the Arden area of Glasgow in the early hours of Saturday, February 8.

The man, who was violent and drunk and threatening to harm himself, was left unharmed and did not require medical attention.

In his report published yesterday, the Commissioner, Professor John McNeill, accepted that in order to control the man and prevent injury to him or the officers at the scene, the ­officer made the right ­decision in discharging a taser.

The decision followed an investigation by the watchdog, which reviewed witness statements, examined documentation, productions, police audio recordings, command and control incidents and conducted door to door enquiries.

All incidences of Police Scotland use of firearms, including tasers, must be referred to the PIRC for independent investigation.

The Commissioner made no recommendations to ­Police Scotland in relation to how they handled the incident.

Professor McNeill said: "I am satisfied that the use of the taser was proportionate and justified.

"It allowed the police to control the male, effectively de-escalate the incident and ensure that he did not ­injure either himself or the police officers at the scene. In the circumstances there was no less forceful method to resolve this incident safely."