RESIDENTS whose homes will be ­evacuated for the Red Road demolition should be given Games tickets to the Opening Ceremony, according to a Glasgow MSP.

People living in almost 900 homes in the exclusion zone for the blow down of the five tower blocks, to be screened live during the global television event, have to be moved out for safety during the demolition.

Glasgow 2014 organisers have offered the residents tickets to a VIP event at Glasgow Green to celebrate the ceremony and there will be other events in the local community.

Patricia Ferguson,­ ­Labour MSP for Maryhill and Springburn, who lived in the flats, has called for people who are moved out for the day to be given ­priority for the Celtic Park spectacle.

It was announced this week that the demolition of five of the remaining six blocks will be carried out ­simultaneously with the Opening Ceremony and be incorporated into the display, which will involve huge screens inside the stadium.

Organisers said the demolition will represent the regeneration of Glasgow and reflect the place the flats have in the changing social history of the city.

Glasgow 2014, which is responsible for the ticketing of the events and the Opening Ceremony, said there are no free tickets ­being ­issued for the Games, but Ms Ferguson thinks given the unusual nature of the demolition and the inconvenience to the residents, they should be given special consideration.

She said: "These people are now part of the Opening Ceremony, through no decision of their own, so I think they should be ­allowed the option of ­attending the ceremony."

Ms Ferguson has asked the Scottish Government about arrangements for the residents in Barmulloch during the Opening Ceremony.

The Scottish Government is a partner in the Commonwealth Games and is the events biggest funder, providing 80% of the total budget.

Ms Ferguson has asked: "What arrangements have been made to allow the residents of Balornock and Barmulloch, whose homes are within the exclusion zone that will apply when the Red Road flats are ­demolished during the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, to fully enjoy the ceremony?"

People in the exclusion zone include GHA tenants, tenants of NG Homes, homeowners and asylum seekers in the block which will initially remain.

Residents will be required to evacuate their homes on the day of the demolition and a choice of events is being offered.

Two events will take place in local venues with Games-related activities.

There is also the offer of the bigger citywide event at Glasgow Green, while others may choose to make their own arrangements.

A Glasgow 2014 spokeswoman said: "As is normal during GHA demolition work, facilities will be provided for local residents who will be temporarily evacuated during the event.

"Local venues will be open to them throughout the evacuation period with refreshments and entertainment provided and, as this will be during the Opening Ceremony for the Games, they are also ­invited to join in the celebrations by soaking up the atmosphere at the fantastic Commonwealth Games Live Event within Glasgow Green.

"To ensure a fair approach for everyone, we've made clear since launching our ticketing programme last year, that there would be no free tickets.

"A total of 70% of our tickets for all sports sessions were made available for the public ensuring that events are accessible and tickets affordable."

The announcement that the demolition of the five tower blocks would be incorporated into the Opening Ceremony was greeted with a mixed reaction.

Currently the ticketing section on the 2014 website states: "Tickets are off-sale for a limited period while we finalise our seating plans and print tickets.

"A further announcement will be made regarding the date that tickets will go back on sale."

The demolition of the flats will be one element of the opening ceremony, the full contents of which will not be revealed.

Auditions are being held for people to take part in the mass correographed ­element in the area and a giant screen the full length of the Celtic Park pitch will be erected to form part of the visual display.