Sunday trading hours should be relaxed during the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and the run up to Christmas to give a boost to high street retailers, an MP has said.

Tory Philip Davies (Shipley) called for a permanent abolition of the restrictions but initially asked for a relaxation in a similar vein to that which happened during the 2012 London Olympics.

Business Minister Matthew Hancock said the debate "is undoubtedly happening" within Government.

During business questions, Mr Davies said: "Given that during the Olympic Games sales increased by 2.8% in London and 6.2% outside of London as a result of the relaxation of the Sunday trading laws will you consider a further relaxation?

"Perhaps during the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and the run-up to Christmas.

"Or even better still abolish the restrictions altogether to help bricks and mortar retailers compete with those trading online."

Mr Hancock replied: "In a world in which increasing amounts of trade happen online at a time that's convenient for people and for consumers, we relaxed the rules during the Olympics and we said at that time that we'd make an assessment of the impact of that, which is a debate which is undoubtedly happening."