Form an orderly queue Glasgow girls, as Union J singletons Josh and George have admitted that they love the Scottish accent.

The boys visited the city today to sign copies of their new dolls for fans at Hamley's toy store in Glasgow's St Enoch's Centre.

And boyband mania literally took over as hundreds of screaming fans waited to welcome Josh Cuthbert, Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett and George Shelley to the city - and literally own a piece of them.

"I find the Scottish accent really soothing," gushed George who seem to be the most popular doll amongst fans.

And if George isn't your favourite Union J member, the band's other cutie also loves our celtic tones.

Josh said: "I love the Scottish accent."

"I think Scotland is so good because everyone is like so cheery. Everyone's got good personalities. It was nice to see the usual guys plus some new Scottish fans at the airport when we turned up. I can't wait to get out and see all the crowds out there today," added Jaymi

The group, who finished fourth in the X-Factor in 2012, were tipped as the show's next One Direction.

And while they have a growing fan base, it seems the hype surrounding them never really took off in the same way.

During that time ex-jockey JJ became a daddy to Princeton, "It's amazing, he is a little cutie and he is sleeping well," while Jaymi is looking forward to getting married to partner Olly Marmon next year.

He said: "We won't get married this year. We are both busy with work. We are setting up a business as well so focussing on that and getting married next year."

Now they have launched their dolls, which Jaymi seemed pleased with saying, "We were really worried as we had seen some other dolls which didn't look as close to the people. But when we actually saw them they looked amazing. They do this new thing where they put your head in a 3D scanner so it is actually our faces done to the last proportion."

And they have also had a shift in record label, which means the future looks promising.

Josh said: "Our first label wasn't good at all. I have been told to speak my mind. It was within Sony, and now we are with another label at Sony. They get us a lot more and they are more determined than ever to make us succeed.

"It's what we want. We are hungry and they are just as hungry as us to make this successful. The first album did well, it did OK, and the label didn't do great but hopefully this time, our new label Epic will be amazing."

Jaymi added: "Our first album was a good sound but it wasn't great. It wasn't us. We walked into an album deal and we weren't going to say anything.

"We were grateful to have a major record deal and we are still grateful of what that experience has given us now. But we have grown as artists."

Despite Union J still being in their infancy by boy band standards, the likeable lads have set America on their sites.

Josh said: "We are hoping to go to LA to record the first couple of singles and that will be the first time we have been to America since Union J got through in Vegas at judges houses.

"America is on the radar but we want to make sure we are successful musically in our own country before we start to go."

Breathe a sigh of relief Union J fans, it seems we have the band on our shores for just a little bit longer.

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