Commuters faced travel chaos on the M8 following a serious accident and several breakdowns.

A broken down lorry was blocking one lane eastbound between junctions 25 and 24, while the M8 remains closed westbound at junction two following a serious accident.

An earlier breakdown near junction 15, which closed two lanes of the westbound carriageway, has now been cleared.

Traffic Scotland tweeted: "Reports now of an accident on the E/B M8 between J3 and J2, within rubbernecking congestion. Lane one (Of two) is closed

"The M8 still closed w/b between J2 and J3 following a serious accident. There is no access to the M8 from the M9.Queues leaving Edinburgh on the A71/A8 are horrendous

"M8 Eastbound between J25 and J24 there is a broken down lorry blocking lane one (of three).

"M8 J25 W - E Clyde Tunnel turnoff - Breakdown, 1 lane closed Eastbound for up to 30 minutes #TSIncident.

"M8 J15 A803 East approach and slips - Breakdown, 2 lanes closed Westbound for more than an hour has been cleared. #TSIncident."

Traffic Scotland is advising commuters trying to travel to Glasgow from Edinburgh to delay their journey.

It tweeted: "M8 is closed W/B at J2, likely to remain closed for some time. No access to the M8 from #M9 at Newbridge. Lengthy Delays on all approaches.

"Already lengthy delays back to Hermiston Gait Roundabout due to the closure of the #M8 W/B at J2 Newbridge and on the #M9. One to avoid!

"If you're trying to get out of Edinburgh this evening, probably best either waiting or using the train. Long Q's on the A71, A8 and Newbridge."

Sections of the motorway were closed earlier today after a milk tanker broke down near junction 20.