RESIDENTS of a Glasgow street have been forced to endure 50 years of regular flooding.

Ronaldsay Street, in Milton, becomes a river of dirty water every time there is heavy rain.

Locals are forced to wade through the resulting flood, which sometimes contains raw sewage from backed up and blocked drains.

Richard Danks, who lives with his elderly mum, Helen, who owns the property in Ronaldsay Street, said the long-running problem has been a source of complaint for half a century.

Despite repeated attempts to have the issue resolved, eight residents are still regularly faced with flooded gardens and must negotiate up to two-feet of deep water every time there is a heavy down pour.

Mr Danks said: "This is a frequent problem for us.

"We can't park outside our houses, as cars get flooded.

"We have to wear wellies to get in and out and I have lost count of how many hall carpets have been ruined."

The street flooded most recently during torrential rain last week.

Mr Danks added: "There is only one way in and out of our property.

"My mum is 80 and when the street is flooded she can't get out of the house.

"If I have been out and come home to find it has been raining, I have to take my shoes and socks off, roll up my trousers and wade through it in my bare feet.

"I am then dragging what ever is in the water, sewage and everything, into the house."

Mr Danks, 56, fears the problem is also putting lives at risk, as passing cars have to mount a busy pavement - which is used by parents and school children - to avoid the deep water.

He said: "I fear it will take something terrible to happen for the problem to be fixed once and for all.

"This has been going on for 50 years.

"Every time it happens we call the council and report it to them.

"They come and collect the water and pump it down another drain or attempt to blow it through the drain.

"But it just backs up again and floods the next time.

"The drains are not being cleared properly."

When Mr Danks called the council this week to report the most recent flooding, he was told this time that it was an issue for Scottish Water.

He called Scottish Water, who sent someone out to lift a drain cover which let the water run away.

But Mr Danks is calling for the problem to be rectified for good.

He added: "It is like banging your head against a wall.

"It is impossible to get through to the right people to get this sorted.

"Do the council and Scottish Water not speak to each other? It must be fixed once and for all."

A spokesman for Scottish Water said: "We attended a manhole in Ronaldsay Street, near number 118, last Wednesday and cleared a choke in the manhole after receiving a call from a customer on the Tuesday.

"There was evidence of further debris in the manhole chamber and we attended last Thursday and cleared this."