A NURSE has been banned from working with vulnerable adults after she assaulted a woman with learning difficulties at a home that was later closed down.

Anne Marie Tait grabbed the "petite" woman's arm and then shouted abuse at her at Garpel House in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, which was rapped by the Care Inspectorate.

The woman could not speak and used sounds and actions to communicate.

The nurse of 41 years lost her temper after the woman threw an empty yoghurt pot onto the floor. She pulled her arm and shouted: "Don't you dare, pick it up" and pointed a finger in her face.

The woman, known only as Resident A, was said to be distressed after the incident. Other members of staff reported the incident and the nurse was suspended.

The incident happened on January 27 last year while Ms Tait was employed as team leader at the Craegmoor Healthcare facility, run by the Priory Group, that offers support for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

She was found guilty of misconduct in a hearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The panel said Ms Tait had breached nursing standards of care in dignity and kindness.

The panel said the nurse, who is from Renfrewshire, had shown, "no regret or remorse" and that there was a risk of repeated harm to patients and the public.

The report states: "Resident A was a vulnerable patient with learning difficulties and she could not communicate verbally. Shouting at anyone is emotionally upsetting but particularly so for a vulnerable patient."

The nurse was given a "conditions of practice" order by the NMC. As part of the conditions she will not be allowed to work with vulnerable patients for 12 months until she had been given additional training in caring for such patients.

A spokeswoman for Craegmoor Healthcare said: "When we were made aware of the allegation, we reported it to the relevant authorities, including the NMC. The individual concerned no longer works for us."

In June last year Craegmoor voluntarily closed down the facility following "serious concerns" by the Care Inspectorate.

Eight workers were placed on garden leave following allegations of bullying and the treatment of patients at Garpel House.