A THIRSTY hound got more than he bargained for when he got stuck in a can of pop.

Vets at the PDSA's Glasgow hospital came to the rescue of miniature Dachshund Darcey after she was rushed in as an emergency attached to a can of Irn-Bru.

It might be known as Scotland's other national drink but it seems even local dogs have a taste for the fizzy drink.

Darcey managed to get her paws on an empty can during a family gathering at her owner Janette Gallacher's home in the city.

But the party lost its sparkle after the can became lodged in her mouth and the poor pup's gums started to bleed.

Janette, 69, said that after attempts to gently remove the can from Darcey's tiny mouth failed, they rushed her to PDSA's Glasgow Shamrock Street PetAid hospital for help.

PDSA vet Susie Hermit, above, said it was one of the most unusual cases vets at the site have ever come across:

She said: "We see all sorts of cases here but I've never seen a dog with its jaw stuck in a can before.

"We could see that Darcey was bleeding and was in distress.

"The can was so firmly wedged we had to sedate her in order to remove it to prevent any further damage and make sure that Darcey wasn't too uncomfortable when we took the can off her jaw.

"She was very lucky no permanent damage was done."

Janette said she was extremely grateful for the care her dog received from PDSA vets and said Darcey had now gone on to make a full recovery.

She said: "Darcey is back to her usual cheerful self now. When I told friends about it they couldn't believe it. It was very worrying at the time.

"We're very careful now when we bring out the Irn-Bru."