A mother-of-one was jailed for life after brutally murdering a former neighbour "in a blind rage".

Danielle Watson, 30, will serve at least 12 and half years in prison for the murder of Edward Bennett in Glasgow before she is eligible to apply for release.

But a judge told her at the High Court in Edinburgh that whether she is released will be a matter for the Parole Board.

Lord Turnbull said: "This was a terrible crime. The medical evidence makes it plain you conducted yourself in a sustained and brutally, violent manner."

"You are a woman with a lengthy and entrenched history of alcohol abuse. You have conducted yourself in a violent manner on many occasions with the result you have a number of previous convictions relating to assaults and disorder."

Watson admitted murdering father-of-four Mr Bennett, 49, at her flat in Crowlin Crescent, Glasgow, in November last year.

During the fatal attack she repeatedly punched and kicked him and stamped on his head and body.

She put cushions over his face, grabbed him by the neck and put a scarf round his neck and tightened it.