APPARENTLY there's a bug going about... and now Sophia has caught it.

I've not had it yet, but my wife endured it for five days and now our little one is suffering with it.

It's our first experience of Sophia catching a sickness bug and it is proving to be messy.

Our cat is having to run the risk of being caught in the crossfire as poor Sophia struggles to keep any of her formula milk down.

Three days on and the normally chirpy little soul is struggling to put a brave face on how she feels.

Even her favourite toys or the sound of Peppa the Pig on the television fail to raise a smile.

A brief grin soon turns to tears as her stomach continues to make her feel awful.

Her usual nosiness has also taken a back seat, and it's a more distant little baby than I'm used to.

It's double agony for Sophia as teething continues to kick in.

We've been told to ensure she is well hydrated after a visit to see the doctor.

Sophia is still eager for her bottle but sadly it just won't stay down.

There's no rest for the washing machine either as a new outfit is constantly in demand as formula after formula ends up either on the floor or on her clothes.

Taking her up to her bed the last few nights hasn't been very successful, as no sooner have we laid her down, we have to quickly lift her after another bout of sickness.

Her sleeping bag, which we use to stop her rolling over and to keep her cosy is soon covered in milk, and Sophia's unsettled again.

The cat scampers down the stairs as a loud scream bellows out.

Fingers crossed a good sleep will follow and our smiling Buddha will return and be feeling better soon.

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