FLOWERS are blooming on former waste ground thanks to local workers and pupils.

The derelict plot in Hinshelwood Drive, Govan, has been transformed into a community facility after calls from local people.

The gap site now planted with grass and flowers had previously been used as a dumping ground.

Jim Fraser, estate management inspector for Elderpark Housing Assoc-iation (EHA), said: "The site had become overgrown and was often used as a dumping ground for refuse and items of unwanted furniture.

"It was also prone to continuous dog fouling and as a result had become a bit of an eyesore.

"It had a hugely negative impact on residents views of their environment."

Housing association bosses surveyed residents from Hinshelwood Drive, Skene Road and Rhynie Drive to ask what they would like to see on the site, which sits between an EHA property at 15 Hinshelwood Drive and a privately-owned tenement at 5 Hinshelwood Drive.

Tenants, local property owners and Ibrox Primary School were also consulted about the area and said they were fed up of the rubbish and waste at the site.

After a series of public meetings, it was agreed EHA should apply for funding and permission from Glasgow City Council to turn the site into a community garden and growing space.

When funding came through from the city council's Stalled Spaces Initiative, South Neighbour-hood Equalities Fund and EHA, the site was transformed from a local eyesore into a vibrant community garden.

EHA also staged a competition with school children from Ibrox Primary, who named the site the Ibrox Flower Field.

Toryglen environmental charity Urban Roots worked with local residents to provide information on plant growth and healthy eating programmes and the works were completed by Jobs and Business Glasgow.

The facility was officially opened with the planting of an apple tree by Councillor John Kane and pupils from Ibrox Primary.

The development comes in the middle of the Evening Times Streets Ahead campaign in which we support local groups working to tidy up their communities.