LABOUR leader Ed Miliband is bringing his Shadow Cabinet team to Glasgow tomorrow for a meeting and engagements in the city.

Mr Miliband's visit follows David Cameron bringing his UK cabinet to Scotland earlier this year to Aberdeen at the same time Alex Salmond his Scottish Government team were meeting a few miles away. The senior UK MPs including Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

Scottish Shadow cabinet members Margaret Curran Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander, will be joined by their colleagues in a series of meetings today and tomorrow to campaign for a no vote in the referendum.

Mr Miliband is expected to speak at a public meeting on the benefits of keeping the union together.

The high profile visit follows form Gordon Brown speaking at Glasgow University earlier this week on pensions and the economy.

The increased Labour Party activity comes after recent polls show the gap between a yes and no vote narrowing to be almost neck and neck.

With the SNP and independence campaigners growing in confidence of a yes vote.

As Mr Miliband heads north to Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond returns following a trip south to Carlisle where he made a St George's Day on speech the relationship between and independent Scotland and the UK. He said the would be strong trade links between the north of England and Scotland and insisted Scotland would keep the pound in a currency union.

Prime Minister David Cameron also used St George's day to speak about the referendum and urged a no vote.

He said the UK was the greatest family of nations in the world and each of the four could be both proud of their traditions and the union.