A MAJOR crackdown on thieves targeting homes in Glasgow is under way.

The move came as police today warned residents in Garnethill to be on their guard after a spate of housebreakings.

Extra police patrols and plain-clothes officers have been drafted in after homes were targeted by opportunist thieves.

Four incidents have been reported to police in the last two weeks.

Three of the robberies were in Buccleuch Street, and the other in Hill Street.

Raiders are taking any-thing they can find from the homes, including laptops, games consoles and personal items.

On each occasion, the raiders appear to have entered the homes by sneaking in, although some have been as a result of thieves smashing windows.

Chief Inspector Alan Porte said his officers are determined to catch the person responsible.

He said: "Unlocked and insecure homes are rich pickings for opportunist thieves. However, by follow-ing a few simple precautions, you can reduce your chances of being targeted.

"Ensure you always keep the front door locked, even when at home, or if you are just popping out quickly.

"Keep all windows closed and locked when not at home.

"If you live in a secure entry communal close, ensure the main door is kept locked, and only allow access to people you know."

The break-ins have happened in the past few days. None of the homes were occupied at the time.

Police said there is currently no description of the culprit, but appealed for anyone with any inform-ation to get in touch.

Mr Porte, area commander for the city centre, added: "I would ask people to keep an eye on your own and your neighbour's home.

"Do not leave out implements which can be used by housebreakers, including ladders.

"Also, don't leave valuable items, including laptops, out in view of people passing the property. If you see anyone loitering in the area or acting suspiciously, phone the police."

Anyone with any informa-tion is asked to contact police on 101.