GLASGOW enjoyed some of the best of Scotland's weather as temperatures rose to 18C (64F).

While those in northern England spent much of yesterday under cloud, Scots were enjoying the hottest of the year.

Sunseekers flocked to Glasgow's parks to enjoy the warm weather, while others lucky enough to be off work headed for coastal areas.

The mercury soared to 22C (71.6F) in Aviemore, beating 2014's previous record of 21.2C set in Cambridge seven days earlier and on a par with Tenerife.

But forecasters have predicted a cooler few days across much of the UK. Glasgow will see light rain for the next couple of days and it will remain cool for the weekend.

Simon Partridge, forecaster with the Met Office, said: "Today was the warmest of the year, but it has been quite a strange one with some parts of the country under a fair bit of cloud."