A FOOTBALL agent faces trial for allegedly breaking the law by letting one of his bar staff sell alcohol with one roll and sausage instead of two.

Barman Alan Gallagher is accused of serving two undercover police officers a roll and sausage between them with their pints, instead of one each.

The incident happened at the Empire Bar in Saltmarket, Glasgow. The pub is owned by John Lonergan.

Gallagher, 59, from Blantyre, who no longer works at the bar, is standing trial next month with his former boss Longeran, the former agent for Scotland player Alan Hutton, over the alleged offence.

The case was called at Glasgow Sheriff Court where both men were not present but were represented.

The case was continued to the trial.

Papers from the court claim that on September 25, 2012, Gallagher sold the drinks "without a cooked breakfast", which flouts the legislation of when alcohol can be sold.

A second charge against both Gallagher and Longeran, from Cathcart, claims they "allowed alcohol to be sold" without a cooked breakfast between 8am and 11am. They both deny the allegations.

Hours after the alleged offence, the barman was arrested and charged under the Licensing Scotland Act 2005.

The two undercover policemen targeted the Empire as part of Operation Cabinet, a crackdown on bars suspected of breaching the rules.