BRITISH transport police are to crack down further on disruptive football fans from next season.

Officers have warned that they will ask for football banning orders (FBOs) to be issued to supporters who are disruptive on trains when travelling to and from matches.

This year alone, transport cops have recorded 50 football-related incidents across the country.

These "unsavoury and unwelcome" offences - including antisocial, sectarian and offensive behaviour - often involved alcohol.

After consulting with rail bosses, BTP plans to apply for FBOs in all cases of disruptive behaviour by fans on the rail network and run joint operations to crack down on incidents.

Temporary Chief Superintendent John McBride said: "The behaviour of a few individuals is damaging the reputation of the team they follow.

"Almost every week BTP officers deal with unsavoury and unwel-come behaviour on trains or at stations across the country."