COUNCIL leader Gordon Matheson has revealed more than half of Labour's election promises for the city are in place after just two years.

In what he described as his annual report to the people, he insisted all 100 manifesto pledges will be in force within a further three years.

Prior to the council election in 2012, Mr Matheson unveiled a list of promised actions he wanted carried out during the five year term of the council.

Two years after the election which returned Labour to overall control of Scotland's largest council, a total of 52 pledges are now in place and progress has been made on the remaining 48.

Over the last year, the administration has opened a credit union savings account for every S1 pupil in a move against high interest loans.

A football action plan has been launched to develop the sport, 10 new family learning centres have been opened across the city, a carers' card has been introduced, council meetings are broadcast live, a public petitions committee established and free charging points introduced for electric cars.

Mr Matheson said: "I am proud we have delivered on more than half our manifesto promises and have made a lot of progress on the others.

"We are committed to rebuilding or refurbishing every primary and additional support for learning school at a cost of £250million, which is the most ambitious school investment programme in the country.

"Since 2012, a total of 58 schools have been refurbished as part of that programme at a cost of £53m.

"We are accelerating that over the next three years, which will not only create a learning environment our children, teachers and parents deserve but is also creating jobs and apprenticeships.

"The first phase of free wifi will cover the city centre and the East End around the Emirates in time for the Commonwealth Games.

"The second stage is that 31 community centres and libraries will also have free wifi and we will extend it further across the city. It is in progress and will be delivered.

"We are making real progress across the board but our principal duty will always be to represent the interests of Glasgow and to empower and support our local communities. We will always put Glasgow first."