AN exhibition is showcasing children's games across the ages.

The Games We Play, in Glasgow's Scotland Street Museum, features toys from cultures around the world, and Stan Sewell returned to his former primary to show pupils from Oakwood Nursery, in Burnside, including four-year-olds Millie Dickson and Calvin Masterton, above, some of his favourite playground games from the 1940s. The exhibition looks at the importance of games in our lives, including the Papua New Guinea story of Pikinini Wantaim Bubu, which shows how children learn to be adults from their grand-parents.

It also features a cotton toy ball from Peru dating back to the Nazca period of 100AD, stone marbles, a snakes and ladders board and a set of Pachisi, a Burmese game which was the original form of Ludo in the late 19th Century. Kite flying and cricket also feature.

The Games We Play runs until Saturday September 7.