ROADS workers ­uprooted a bus shelter and shifted it just ­metres down a busy Glasgow Street.

The move caused weeks of disruption as a long-standing stop was lifted from Langlands Road, near the Southern General ­Hospital, and relocated to a spot we estimated to be just five metres away.

Workers used temporary traffic lights to control cars while they 'relocated' the stop and shelter, which sat opposite Skipness Drive, a bit further along the street.

Work was then carried out to resurface the pavement at the old stop and adjust the kerb at the new location.

The City Council said the move, which they claimed cost "approximately £6500", was part of plans to spend £1million improving walkways and cycle lanes around the new £842m South Glasgow 'super hospital'.

It was funded by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Sustrans and the council's Education Services.

But angry resident Elizabeth Kennedy, who lives in nearby Langlands Avenue, said she couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the work being carried out.

Mrs Kennedy, 82, said: "It is horrendous. The ­distance between the old location and the new one just a few metres. It isn't even the distance between two lamp posts.

"How much taxpayers' money has been wasted on this? And they are still working on it.

"A lot of effort has gone into shifting the same bus shelter a very short ­distance along a road."

Yesterday the shelter remained cordoned off in its new location with yellow barriers as passengers waited to board services.

Across the road at the corner of Skipness Drive, work to the pavement was also being carried out.

Mrs Kennedy, a former member of Drumoyne Community Council, ­added: "That shelter has been on the spot opposite ­Skipness Drive for 60 years and there has never been any issues with it.

"I really can't understand why this is has been done.There are other issues with parking and roads around this part of the city.

"The streets where I stay are always choked up it is difficult to get around.

"I am sure the money could have been better spent."

The council say the relocation will increase safety as they are moving the shelter further away from a junction. There are also plans to introduce speed bumps at Skipness Drive and the move, they say, will facilitate this.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council added: "The bus stop has been moved as part of the work to improve the cycle paths and walkways to the new Southern General Hospital.

"Other work is being undertaken to improve the overall junction between Skipness Drive and Langlands Roads and moving the bus stop will help to make the junction safer for all road users.

"Work on the bus stop cost approximately £6500, which included building up the pavement to improve accessibility for pram and wheelchair users as well as connecting the shelter to the power grid."

The council also claimed the bus stop had been moved 21 ­metres to the east of its ­former location.