A DESPERATE Glasgow ­family are trapped in their home every time there is heavy rain.

The Khans have had to be rescued from their property by the fire service because their house is frequently swamped with up to three feet of muddy water.

The family home in Mulben Crescent in Crookston, which backs onto a new housing development, is inundated whenever there is a torrential downpour.

It pours into their garden also flooding the garage and the family has to use sandbags to stop it from seeping into their home.

The have to call in the emergency services, most recently last Saturday, to pump away water so that they can get outside.

Dad Sohil, 58, said something must be done to stop the "misery" and called for the problem to be fixed once and for all.

He said: "Our family life is completely disrupted every time it rains.

"It is miserable and totally unacceptable.

"My front and back garden have been ruined and my all the electrical equipment in my garage destroyed.

"I am also worried about the water seeping into the foundations of my house.

"We have been left in limbo with nowhere to turn for help."

Mr Khan - who owns a shop in Craigton and lives with his wife Shahina, 56, and 21-year-old daughter Zainub - first appealed to Glasgow City Council three years ago when water started running from land at the back of their home, known as Crookston Farm, which was owned by the local authority.

He said they offered no resolution and in 2012 the council sold the land to house builder Miller Homes for £9million.

Miller has permission to build 268 houses and has started developing the land.

Since work has started, Mr Khan said not only water, but now mud is washed into his home every time it rains heavily.

He appealed to Miller Homes for help with the inherited problem but he says nothing has been done to curb the flood water, despite a meeting with one of the company directors.

A few months ago contractors built a moat at the back Mr Khan's house but even this has failed to stop the flooding.

And it overflowed as recently as last Saturday as pumps set up to drain the water were not in operation.

Greater Pollok Councillor Shabbar Jaffri has taken up the family's case.

He added: "Mr Khan is understandably very, very frustrated and the situation he and his family have been left in is totally wrong.

"No-one seems to be claiming ­responsibility here. Miller Homes has told me it is the council's problem. Yes, the council sold the land knowing that there was an issue with it but Miller Homes is now responsible as the owners.

"In the middle of this is a hard-working family trapped in their home every time it rains and their garden and property is destroyed."

A spokeswoman for Miller Homes said: "After acquiring the site for development last year, we became aware that Mr Khan had ongoing issues with flooding which had not been ­resolved during the time when the site was owned by Glasgow City Council.

"Shortly after acquiring the site we met with Mr Khan and have been working with our contractor to assist Mr Khan in finding a solution to the flooding issues, particularly in light of the unprecedented rainfall experienced recently."

Glasgow City Council declined to comment.