The Scottish SPCA is seeking the owner of a cat who was discovered inside a car engine in Mount Vernon, Glasgow.

Scotland's animal welfare charity was called to rescue the cat on Sunday evening (8 June) after a member of the public realised the feline was stuck under the bonnet of his parked car in Central Avenue.

The cat is now in the care of the charity's Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Cardonald, where he has been nicknamed Auto.

Animal Rescue Officer Christine Sirrell said: "When I got there Auto had managed to climb out of the engine by himself. Other than being a bit nervous, he was in perfectly good condition and didn't have any injuries.

"The man who called had been driving around from place to place that day. It was only when he got home and heard a meowing that he realised there was a cat under the bonnet.

"We don't know where Auto has come from, there's a chance he's escaped from home and his owner is worried about him. Unfortunately he wasn't microchipped so we have no way of tracing them.

"Auto is a lovely cat with a sweet nature and it would be wonderful to return him home if he has gone missing.

"If no-one comes forward for him we'll find him a caring new owner."

Anyone who recognises Auto is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA's animal helpline on 03000 999 999.