A WOMAN had to smash and leap through the first-floor window of her own home to escape a violent attacker.

Selena Jeffrey met Michael Newlands, 24, during Hogmanay celebrations and he went back to her flat for a party.

But shortly afterwards, he attacked her in her kitchen.

The terrified woman fought Newlands off and ran to her living room where she punched her hand through a window, then leapt 15 feet to the ground.

She dragged herself to a neighbour's garden and the police were called.

Newlands admitted shouting, swearing and threatening to kill Miss Jeffrey at her flat in Parkhead, Glasgow, on January 1, 2013.

He pled guilty to assaulting her to the extent that she was so scared for her safety she broke a window and jumped out of it, to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

She has been left with a scar down the left side of her face.

Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell, sitting at Glasgow Sheriff Court, decided the case was too serious for him to deal with and remitted Newlands to be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh later this month.