SHE took her dog for a walk, and was never seen alive again.

With her hood pulled up to keep out the cold, Jean Campbell set out on a journey she had made so many times before.

Dressed in a three-quarter length coat, pyjama bottoms, and sandals, she headed for Cranhill Park with her German Shepherd, Kai.

But she never made it home.

Six months may have passed, but these grainy CCTV images are a constant reminder of her unsolved murder.

The footage was taken just yards from where the 53-year-old's body was found.

What happened next, however, was not captured by any cameras.

Jean was battered to death.

Her devastated family, who haven't been able to hold her funeral, still don't know why she was killed.

And Jean's murderer, who lurked in the shadows that dark December night, has still not been caught.

Today it is six months since the 53-year-old was killed, just yards from the safety of her home.

But the motive for Jean's murder - and the identity of her killer - remain a mystery.

Jean's daughter Lianne, 34, said: "My dad always walked the dog before work.

"But I do know, obviously later on that night, she's taken the dog out twice, for whatever reason."

Speaking through tears, she added: "And the second time, she never made it home."

Jean's husband realised she hadn't come home when he returned from a night shift to find the house empty. So he went out looking for her.

Out on the street, near the couple's home, John could hear a dog barking.

As he looked into the park, he could see it was Kai.

Lying next to the dog, was his wife's body.

Someone had pounced on her and battered her to death.

Word quickly spread throughout Cranhill. Locals, who saw a commotion in the park, gathered at the scene of crime barrier.

Asking each other what was going on, they quickly found out a woman's body had been found.

It wasn't long before they realised the dead woman was Jean.

Locals say they have lost a "wonderful friend".

Jean was a popular woman. She was someone who liked to help others and was said to always make time for people.

One friend said: "Jean was an amazing woman and I still cry knowing her killer is still out there.

"Someone, somewhere, knows who murdered her. They must come forward."

At Mrs Campbell's local shop, staff remember a "lovely woman" who was laughing and joking with them just hours before her killing.

Police Scotland have made several appeals for information from anyone around the scene at 10.30pm on December 13.

During the weeks that followed, detectives carried out door-to-door inquires and took DNA samples from more than 1000 men and women.

But police are still waiting for that vital breakthrough.

Chief Superintendent Andy Bates vowed: "We just need one piece of evidence or information - and we will get it."

Officers from the Major Investigation Team are actively working on the case, trawling through witness statements, DNA and production items.

It is a long, painstaking job but it will be worth it.