THE largest indoor market in Scotland is waging war against counterfeit goods.

Bosses of the Forge in the East End, which has around 180 stalls, have signed an agreement with the city council to ensure shoppers get the Real Deal.

The national charter is aimed at keeping traders of fake goods and other illegal products out of UK markets and car boot sales.

It involves council trading officers and market bosses working together to tackle the growing problem of counterfeit goods.

Partick, Bridgeton Cross and Govan markets, which are run by City Property, have also signed the pledge along with Blochairn car boot sale.

The Real Deal campaign has an easily recognised logo so customers can see they are shopping at a safe and fair market.

Robert Brownlie, cantre manager for the Forge Market, said: "I am delighted to be the first private market operator in the west of Scotland to adopt the Real Deal Charter and would urge all private market operators to do the same.

"In signing up to the Real Deal, we are sending out a clear message to all unscrupulous traders that they are not welcome at the Forge Market and helping to secure the future for the professional hard working trader."

Under the scheme, market bosses and council trading standards officers aim to identify dealers selling fake goods.

Anyone caught would be ordered out of the market and trading standards, customs and excise or the police will be called in.

Councillor Alistair Watson, the city council's land and environment spokesman, said: "Local markets are at the heart of our communities and it is important we don't allow rogue traders to spoil any of ours.

"Regular customers will already know that the Forge Market is fantastic for their shopping needs but now this charter will assure everybody of the excellent standards the traders consistently meet.

"By signing this charter, the market and it traders have made clear their commitment to tackling counterfeit goods and ensuring they keep consumers safe by only offering genuine, reliable goods.

"As a council, this signing also sends a clear message we are committed to tackling counterfeit and dangerous goods in Glasgow.

"The council's trading standards team will continue to take robust action against any traders found to be supplying counterfeit products in the city."