A GLASGOW councillor has called for an end to the abuse marring the independence debate ­after his car was vandalised by yobs.

Thugs trashed Labour councillor Malcolm Cunning's car by scrawling the slogan "Yes" was across the bonnet.

Mr Cunning, who represents the Linn ward on the South Side, feared it had been scratched into the bodywork and reported the attack to the police.

It happened over the weekend as his car was parked yards from his Cathcart home.

Mr Cunning slammed the "vandalism and abuse" which has ­become associated with the discussion of ­Scottish independence.

He said: "The independence debate is descending into the bowels. I reported the incident to police who advised me to remove the 'No' sticker from my car.

"While that is completely sensible advice from the officers, I have got every right to have that sticker displayed on my car.

"The whole debate is just getting silly now.

"Let's have a sensible debate, without the vandalism and abuse that we have seen lately."

It comes after Harry Potter author JK Rowling was abused online for giving £1million to Better Together.

A photograph posted on Twitter showed the word "Yes" on the bonnet of Mr Cunning's ­silver car.

His fellow Better ­Together supporters were also horrified.

One campaigner tweeted: "They do this elsewhere as well. ­Really doesn't reflect well on their cause."