GLASGOW'S most famous brewery is on track to become one of the city's top attractions.

In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, tours of Wellpark have increased tenfold.

And now bosses at the East End site, where Tennent's lager is brewed, have hired five new tour guides to cope with demand.

Paul Condron, marketing director at Tennent Caledonian, said: "The brewery has an incredible history and we've put a lot of work into re-establishing brewery tours with the aim of making Wellpark a 'must see' for visitors to the city.

"Bonnie Prince Charlie dropped in for a pint in 1745, but more recently the majority of tour enquiries have come from overseas as tourists plan their visit to Scotland.

"With our East End location we're perfectly positioned to add to the Glasgow visitor experience during the Games."

Beer has been brewed on the Wellpark site, at Drygate, since 1556, giving tour guides plenty of history to delve into to entertain and inform visitors.

Visitors book in from around the world - with some coming from as far as Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Demand has meant tours now run seven days a week, three times a day, giving an insight into brewing practices - and showing old Tennent's adverts.

The landmark site has been brought up-to-date and is getting ready to welcome hundreds more visitors.

Artist Sam Bates has redecorated the exterior of the building.

Sam is responsible for art throughout the city, including the Commonwealth murals on the support pillars of the Kingston Bridge.

Guests are taken on a journey through 500 years of history over 90 minutes, learning about the Tennent family, seeing how every pint is brewed, and having the chance to relive some of Tennent's advertising, as well as learn about the world-famous Lager Lovelies.

The Lovelies, who disappeared from cans 21 years ago, provide the inspiration for one of the tour's latest attractions; a digital booth that lets visitors capture their own photograph on the iconic Lager Lovelies can for their own 'selfie'.

Visitors will also experience the Tennent's Training Academy, which offers a range of courses in its bar and cook school, including beer tasting and cocktail masterclasses.