CAMPAIGNERS in the West End are furious after plans to open a homeless hostel were given the green light.

As revealed in yesterday's Evening Times, the proposals for accommodation to house up to 40 men were discussed in a private meeting on Monday.

According to Glasgow City Council, the plans for Burnbank Gardens are to go ahead and bosses will allocate £150,000 to cover security costs, including CCTV cameras.

It is also proposed to introduce residents to the site in phases, initially giving 25 men accommodation before increasing the number to 35 and 40.

It is understood that some local councillors and campaigners were told at the meeting that a final decision had not been made, creating anger and frustration.

Sue Mackechnie, a member of Burnbank Action Group, said: "We are repeatedly told that there has been no final decision to give us false hope. The 'revised proposal' is just a re-phrased version of the original proposal.

"There will still be 40 men with complex needs in an over-large unit with no amenities or outdoor space.

"Social services are fooling none of us."

Sandra White,MSP for the Kelvin ward, said there had not been enough consultation. She said: "By trying to rush the decision through behind closed doors, the council is sending out the wrong message and making the situation worse."

Sources say social work bosses told councillors they do not work on petition.

A council spokesman said: "We have listened to the concerns of the community and have taken on board the points they have raised.

"We have agreed to modify our plans so that a smaller number of people affected by homelessness will be initially accommodated at Burnbank."