THE victim of a ­violent attack by a former boyfriend fears meeting him after his early release from prison.

His release has also led to calls for lengthier sentences in domestic abuse cases.

Amateur boxer Kieran McLuckie who left his former girlfriend "a couple of blows from death" was ­released early from jail after serving just 14 months ­behind bars.

He was 19 when he was sentenced to three years last February for brutally attacking teenager Nicole Coyle on three separate ­occasions, including one to the danger of her life, in a nine-month reign of terror.

McLuckie has been served with a non-molestation ­order preventing him from going anywhere near Nicole for five years.

But Nicole still fears bumping into him in the street as he still has family and friends living in the area.

Her mum Carol-Anne said: "The non-molestation order gives Nicole some peace of mind but she still worries she might bump into him.

"She never goes out alone and she has a very good ­circle of friends so she's hoping that won't happen and if it does she will be able to deal with it."

His early release has sparked outrage from Nicole's family, women's groups and politicians.

Nicole, now 19, from ­Rutherglen, was only two punches from death after her ex smashed her face in, breaking almost every bone and left her unconscious on the street after she refused to go back out with him.

Last night her family warned every woman in Scotland to stay away from him because they are convinced he will strike again.

Her mum Carole-Anne said: "Nicole has moved on with her life and is happy with where she is now, as are we.

"We don't believe that McLuckie's sentence was long enough and he should have served the full term as the charges which his solicitor plea bargained down should have been enough of a reduction for him.

"We just hope that everyone connected to a young woman in Scotland remembers his name and face and no one else ever has to suffer the fate of being ­involved with him.

"People like that don't change and don't deserve to be taken a risk on."

Glasgow East Women's Aid praised her family for speaking out about his release and warning other women to stay away from him.

The charity's collective manager Pamela McElhinney said: "Nicole has been badly let down by the ­justice system and there are many women out there in the same situation.

"She thought she had maybe two to three years to rebuild her life but then she finds out he's out in just over a year and her nightmare begins again."

Labour's justice spokesman and former police chief Graeme Pearson called on the Scottish Government to change its sentencing policy.

He said: "I call on the cabinet secretary to look at the sentencing policy and make sure it clarifies, precisely, ­sentences that people will serve rather than some ­imaginary number ­discounted thereafter.

"Given that this Government gives daily commitment to dealing with domestic abuse and they say they are standing on the side of victims, almost monthly new cases come through which say the very opposite like this one.

"We need to deal with that and it is within the cabinet secretary's gift to bring about changes. If he won't do it then Labour will ­certainly move to make these changes happen."

Nicole's MSP for Rutherglen James Kelly said he found her case "very alarming".

He said: "It is clear that with McLuckie being released after only 14 months this is a matter of concern not just for Nicole and her family but for the local ­people that he's back on the streets of Rutherglen."

Jailing McLuckie at ­Glasgow Sheriff Court in October 2012, Sheriff Alan MacKenzie told him: "It is difficult to find adequate words to express the revulsion one feels at hearing about and seeing the photographs of the consequences of the vile crime set out in the last charge.

"You, an amateur boxer repeatedly punched your ex girlfriend, then aged 18, until a point was reached that she lost consciousness."

The court heard that her injuries were so bad the ­surgeon said they were the "most extreme injuries" he had ever seen to eye sockets and that she was "a couple of blows from death".

Nicole was rushed to Glasgow's Southern General Hospital where an expert in facial reconstruction opened up her face and inserted five plates and pins to keep her shattered jaw, eye sockets and cheeks in place during a six hour operation.

Before the final attack Nicole had already endured nine months of hell at the hands of McLuckie but didn't tell her family because her dad was dying of pancreatic cancer at the time.

McLuckie admitted attacking Nicole on three separate occasions between March 24, 2012 and October 6, 2012 while they were in a relationship and after it had ended.

In October 2012, they were both at the same 21st birthday party and McLuckie ­insisted he had changed and he was sorry for torturing her.

When she went outside with him he dragged her up a close and beat the living daylights out of her. She managed to crawl out of the close and was later found unconscious in the street by friends.