A MAN who battered and raped three partners, then continued to threaten them while behind bars, was today jailed for a minimum of 10 years.

Thomas Montguire, 31, of Glasgow, had been convicted of an eight-year campaign of terror against the women and used various weapons against them, including a samurai sword, a Stanley knife, a screwdriver and even a soup ladle.

He was given a lifelong restriction order by Judge Bill Dunlop, QC.

The judge Dunlop told Montguire: "A lifelong restriction is essential to reflect the gravity of your crimes. The 10 years is not an indication you will get out

after that. "

Defence QC Donald Findlay said: "It is quite clear Mr Montguire has had a number of psychological problems from childhood."

The court heard the author of a risk assessment report on Montguire said he was unable to recommend any treatment for him. .

Montguire had also targeted a fourth girlfriend, Lynn Murray, 33, with physical abuse, but she went to police

after he tried to throttle her.

This led to a large-scale investigation into Montguire that finally snared him.

But, from his prison cell awaiting trial, Montguire still attempted to get at his victims by ordering violence against them and their families.

After trial at the High Court in Glasgow he was convicted of eight charges - including rape, assault and

attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

Montguire unleashed his violent temper on the first woman soon after they started dating in 2004. He had called her his "princess".

But Montguire butted her just five days after they got a home together in the East End.

The woman, now 31, told the jury how life quickly became "unbearable" and that she ended up his "punchbag".

Montguire also slashed her with a Stanley knife, attacked her with a screwdriver and repeatedly kicked her when it was thought she might be pregnant.

The woman would often suffer in bed for days due to the pain Montguire inflicted.

The woman said she was raped as she feared not having sex would mean more beatings.

A second woman, now 42, was "violently forced" three times to have sex with Montguire - including being threatened with a knife.

The third woman, 36, said she was battered every couple of days.

She said she was raped because, despite not wanting to have sex, Montguire had such a "control" over her she was "scared" not to.

Montguire also once held a samurai sword to her throat and later threatened to shoot her if she walked out.

Montguire then began dating Lynn Murray in January 2011. When she became pregnant his reaction was to threaten to put her in a body bag.

After their child was born, Montguire once told her he would "feed her to the fishes".

He then later tried to choke her - but this time she had enough and went to the police.