YOUNG eco warriors helped design their dream playground from recycled trees and shrubs cleared to make way for Glasgow's newest £70million office block.

Primary children had asked if they could be given the unwanted wood to make their own creation, but instead the developer has given them a new wooden play area.

Children at Oakgrove Primary, St George's Cross, are jumping for joy after their eco-playground was officially opened by Councillor Stephen Curran, Glasgow City Council's education spokesman.

It was all made possible by executives at Abstract Securities who hope to complete the St Vincent Street Plaza office block by next spring.

The building in St Vincent Street towers over the M8 and will have enough space to accommodate up to 2600 workers.

The school, which is also near the motorway, now has a play area that has stepping stones made from reclaimed tree trunks, small benches formed from reclaimed logs and a path made of bark chips and lined with geotextile.

Other features include a willow tunnel, as well as a wildlife area that has been filled with wild flower seeds.

Before work began meetings were held involving the developer, construction firm Bowmer and Kirkland, landscape architect LDA and school officials.

Councillor Curran said: "We have amazing, resourceful and caring pupils across the city and this project sums this up beautifully.

"They seized an opportunity on their doorstep and everyone is very proud of their actions and what they have achieved."

Chris McPherson, the Plaza's development director, said: "When we received the letter from the school's eco-committee, what shone through was their determination and remarkable sense of responsibility for their environment.

"It was hugely impressive and inspired us to set in motion the idea of turning the trees into a play area.

"This has been an extremely rewarding project and we look forward to the pupils making the most of this new healthy green space at their school."

Head teacher Jane Cerexhe said: "Since our pupils wrote the letter we've established a great relationship with Abstract Securities, but the stars of the show are the children on the eco-committee.

"If it was not for their letter none of this would have happened. Thanks to them and Abstract they now have a fantastic new environmentally-friendly play area for current and future pupils to enjoy."