Glasgow is to host a major conference on cyber crime next week.

Strathclyde University has organised the two-day International Conference on Cyber crime, Computer Security and Digital Forensics.

More than 70 delegates from the UK, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US are expected to discuss the increasing threat posed by criminal activity online, including hacking and grooming.

Representatives from Police Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland and the NCC Group are among those attending the summit.

On Monday IBM Australia consultant Scott Ainslie will present the topic "Security Intelligence - Forensics and Big Data".

The following day Dr Barry Cartwright from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, will discuss "the changing face of the Canadian Cyber Law".

Strathclyde lecturer Dr George Weir said: "Scotland, especially Glasgow, has a strong research base in cyber crime, computer security and digital forensics working in close partnership with our academic peers and law enforcement agencies.

"The threat of cyber crime is increasingly recognised as a threat to individuals and organisations across the globe. From phishing to hacking, scamming to grooming, and botnets to cyber-terrorism, the variety, complexity and impact of exploits appear to expand constantly.

"It is because of these increasing security threats that this conference is so important. We've invited experts from across the globe to attend and offer insights on their own areas of in-depth knowledge in order to enhance our understanding and improve our ability to address computer-based exploits and offences."