SCOTRAIL has been praised by passengers for improving its services, according to a national survey.

The train operator achieved an 90% satisfaction rate for its services - its highest ever rating.

Passengers said they were impressed with better timetables and value for money.

The results of the survey were revealed today.

Improvements were also made in car parking, on-train toilets, and personal security, all of which hade been focus areas in the past.

ScotRail bosses said the survey reinforces the firm's "commitment to continually improve its customers' overall experience of rail travel".

Value for money came in at 56% - almost 25% higher than the score for rail operators across the country.

Staff were also praised for their attitudes and the way they dealt with customers.

Managing director Steve Montgomery said he was "very pleased" that customers were recognising ScotRail's efforts.

He added: "We have improved in the vast majority of areas, some significantly.

"So our focus now is on maintaining these, while re-doubling our efforts where our scores are lower.

"Our ambition is to see improvements across every category."

The satisfaction rate for the helpfulness of staff roseto 85% - up 9 points - which compares with the national average of 64%.

Bosses said this demonstrated that ScotRail's investment in dedicated "World Host" customer service training is making a positive impression staff and passengers.