GREAT-grandmother Agnes O'Neill could not believe her luck when she became the latest winner of our £1000 home delivery competition.

But with 14 grandchildren, the 65-year-old has plenty of reasons to splash out.

The mum-of-six, from ­Linnvale, Clydebank, has been reading the Evening Times for as long as she can remember.

She admits she has never been lucky - so she was over the moon to receive the call from our team.

Mrs O'Neill said: "When the lad first phoned me to tell me I'd won my daughter Tracey got the call. I'd not been feeling well and I wanted a lie down.

"But my daughter's an awful joker. So when she came in and told me I'd won a £1000 from the Evening Times I wouldn't believe her."

Mrs O'Neill has ordered a new carpet for her hall, bought a new pair of comfy shoes - and now she can't wait to treat her family.

Her eldest grandson Harry just turned 21, so she wants to treat him, friends and family to a nice meal.

She will also visit her daughter Gemma, 28, who lives in Manchester.