A HORRIFIED passer-by called police after a man wearing a Nazi uniform was spotted in Glasgow.

The man strolled down a city centre street in the notorious black uniform of the SS.

He offended members of the public by wearing the distinctive SS helmet in Midland Street. An alarmed onlooker contacted the police shortly before 11pm on Wednesday.

He wore the black outfit of Adolf Hitler's bodyguards.

Police were called, but the mystery man had already left.

The incident took place in Midland Street, Glasgow, at around 10.50pm on Wednesday.

The SS - also known as Schutzstaffel - was created as an elite corps of the Nazi party.

Leader Heinrich Himmler built up the SS following as the Nazi movement's success grew.

In 2005, Prince Harry was forced to apologise for wearing a swastika armband to a fancy dress party.