Camilla Hattersley from Perthshire smashed her personal best by nine seconds in order to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.

Between training and studying aeronautical engineering at Glasgow University, Hattersley is admittedly not a party goer with bed always being the more welcoming choice.

Sitting dripping wet in her swimsuit next to the pool at Tollcross International Swimming Pool, Hattersley is more than happy to come over and talk about the incredible opportunity she has ahead of her, "It is pretty amazing to have qualified, it was a nine second personal best so I am still really happy and can't quite believe it.

"It is amazing, especially because it's a home Games and in the pool that I train in, I couldn't have asked for a better first Games."

She says, when talking about the excitement that the Games will bring her. "I think there will be a lot of home support as well which will be really good for spurring me on throughout the races."

Sitting by the pool, Hattersley has her waterbottle filled with juice that is slowing vanishing in front of me, "Normal people would be shocked by the amount we eat." She says, obviously noticing my face as she finishes another cereal bar, " We eat so many carbs and things to get the energy back that we work off in the pool."

Before I even get the chance to ask she continues, "We are in the pool about 20 hours a week and then in the gym for another eight, it's like a full time job and we burn so much."

After her first year at Glasgow University, Hatterlsey realised that it would be too much to do another full time year as well as train for the Commonwealth Games so chose to take a part time second year. "It is a pretty hard degree [aeronautical engineering] so I couldn't do both." She tells me, "Doing part time has been hard enough this year!"

As this is her first Games, Hattersley has been enjoying the different trips the Scottish team take her on to get to know her team mates as well as the chance to speak to some of the stars who have inspired her to keep pushing through the continuous regime.

"It was really cool to meet all the team. I was friends with a few others but when we met the older and more experienced swimmers who have been in previous Games and the Olympics it was amazing." She continues, "It was fascinating the hear their experiences and stories and for them to give me personal advice."

It is hard work training as a competitive swimmer with the constant work outs and need for food - but only healthy stuff - but how Hattersely has time to mentally prepare is beyond me. "I just try to stay really positive and confident. I want to go out and do my best." She continues, "My aim is to get to the finals so that's what I am working to. I don't really go out partying a lot - after all the training bed is always just that little bit more appealing."