The Wimbledon steward who reminded Andy Murray to give his mother a hug after he won the Wimbledon title last year has spoken about how he helped the Scot avoid "a great British faux pas".

One of the most memorable moments of his victory was when he navigated his way up to the players' box to celebrate with his team.

Laughter rippled around the crowd when Murray embraced his closest supporters - including girlfriend Kim Sears - but forgot to hug his mother Judy.

Honorary steward David Spearing - the longest-serving steward at Wimbledon and guardian of the players' box - quickly intervened.

"I actually saved a great British faux pas there on that day because Andy climbed up onto the box," he told BBC Radio 5 live.

"They'd got a load of seats and his mother had been sitting behind and so I stood next to the entrance to the box to let her get into the box, but she just stood at the side of me.

"It was rather funny because Andy climbed into the box and was high-fiving it with all his team. Obviously he didn't know where he was and he started climbing off the box and I suddenly realised that he hadn't greeted his mother at all.

"So I shouted out. I said: 'Andy!" and he looked up. I said: 'Your mother!'.

(He replied) 'Oh!' So he climbed back up and he went down and embraced her."

The jubilation of newly crowned Wimbledon champions clambering up to their loved ones is a thing of the past though, because there is now a gate for players to walk through.

The gate will give the 2014 Wimbledon champions - and future winners - 'easier' access to their family, friends and support teams.

Tennis stars will no longer have to climb up on to the roof of the commentary box in order to get to the players' box in the moments after their win.