DELIBERATE fires in Glasgow last year cost the city more than £5 million.

New figures reveal the number of fires started intentionally last year rose to 2651, up from 2288 the previous year.

Each blaze, which includes tackling grassland and rubbish fires, cost an estimated £2000, totaling more than £5.3m.

The findings have been published as part of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's campaign to make this summer fire free.

Glasgow's senior fire officer George McGrandles is urging people to work with the city's firefighters to try and reduce the number of blazes in the area.

He said: "Protecting our city from fire requires a strong and effective partnership between Glaswegians and their firefighters.

"People who set them simply cannot know how the flames will develop.

"Fires produce toxic smoke and carbon monoxide that pollute the atmosphere and endangers people with respiratory problems."

Mr McGrandles said firecrews dealing with the blazes were unable to attend other calls.

He said: "It takes at least one of our crews to deal with every incident of this sort, meaning they would be unavailable to respond to a real emergency happening at the same time.

"People who set fires need to know that because of their actions firefighters might not be able to get to a house fire in time to save someone.

"Our message to everyone in Glasgow is that deliberately setting fires is a crime none of us should ever accept.

"Anyone with information on those responsible for setting fires should contact Police Scotland by calling 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

"People can also help prevent these fires by reporting any build up of rubbish in the street, on waste ground or in closes to Glasgow City Council or to the National Dumb Dumpers Stop line on 0845 230 40 90."