SECTARIAN abuse will not be tolerated at this weekend's Orange Order Parade, police warned.

Around 6000 marchers from across the country will take part in the march through Glasgow.

It is expected around 1000 more will join the rally at Glasgow Green.

Police warned anyone committing any form of hate crime, including name calling or making gestures will be arrested.

Chief Inspector Alan Porte, one of the senior officers policing the event, urged people to leave booze and bigotry behind.

He said: "My message is clear: Anyone who wishes to go and see the parade is perfectly entitled to do so but they must behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.

"Sectarian behaviour will not be tolerated.

"Anyone found committing any form of hate crime, including name calling, offensive gestures or violence will be arrested."

Thousands of marchers, followers and spectators are expected to descend on the city for the annual Grand County Orange Order Parade.

Officers said anyone causing disorder and drinking in public will also be targeted.

There will be around a host of parades taking place throughout greater Glasgow with up to 6000 marchers walking from George Square to Glasgow Green.

Police have been working closely with the Orange Order.

Last year officers made 46 arrests as 20,000 marchers and spectators took part in Orange Order parades in Glasgow and Coatbridge.

Half of the arrests - most for public order offences - were made in Glasgow, and the rest at the Lanarkshire parades.

Mr Porte, area commander for Glasgow city centre, added: "My priorities are to make sure that the event passes off peacefully for everyone involved and keep people safe.

"As always, drinking in the streets or city parks is banned.

"Anyone caught drinking illegally will have their alcohol confiscated by an officer and a fixed penalty notice will be issued.

"We will be ready to deal with any anti-social behaviour, disorder and violence."