A PLAQUE has been unveiled next to one of the city's most famous blocks of flats to mark the multi-million pound redevelopment of homes in Glasgow.

The Balgrayhill multi-storey flats in Springburn were officially opened in 1968 by then Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who unveiled a plaque celebrating the "150,000th house made available for letting".

Now it sits alongside a plaque revealed by the Leader of Glasgow City Council Gordon Matheson to celebrate the three-year development of the buildings, and the £200million invested by housing association North Glasgow Homes, known as ng homes, throughout the north of Glasgow.

The housing association provides housing and regeneration services to almost 7000 tenants and homeowners, and has spent the huge sum in Springburn and Possilpark.

Its latest plans with Glasgow City Council led to the £900,000 refurbishment of the flats in Springburn, with improvements made to the entrances and the bases of the four tower blocks which are now fully enclosed.

The communal areas within the buildings were also upgraded, with further new spaces created for the local community to enjoy.

Mr Matheson backed the work of the association, as well as praising the legacy of the Balgrayhill flats.

He said: "The refurbish-ment of the flats in Balgray-hill is just the latest in a long line of investment work carried out by ng homes.

"This is transforming housing conditions and helping the north of the city to become a great place to live, learn, work and visit.

"The opening of these blocks by then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson marked the completion of the 150,000th new home built by the Housing Corporation.

"Today they remain as popular as ever and a focal point for the local community."

The association has helped provide 449 new and improved homes in association with the council since 2003.

Its chief executive Robert Tamburrini said: "We made a promise to tenants that we would invest in and improve their homes, and we delivered on those promises.

"I am delighted that our work has been recognised by the council."