A DELIGHTED parrot owner has something to crow over about after being reunited with his runaway bird.

Now the happy owner wants to thank the good Samaritan who alerted animal rescuers.

Nicky the African grey parrot escaped while her garden cage was being cleaned.

Owner Charlie Sexton, 44, from Maryhill, was frantic with worry and searched day and night for his feathered friend.

Now Charlie wants to thank the mystery man who phoned a local animal charity when Nicky was found in his garden four days after she vanished.

He was over the moon when he got a call from the Scottish SPCA to say she had been found safe and well in Jordanhill, three miles away, last Sunday.

Charlie said: "I was elated when I got the call saying she was there. I was in shock as well, I didn't expect to hear from them.

"I never gave up hope for Nicky. I was out on my motorbike from morning until night and the community pitched in as well."

Charlie, a freelance photographer, roped in the help of local kids, police and security staff in nearby flats to keep their eyes peeled for the rare bird.

He was overwhelmed with the community's response, and said: "It's amazing that when something like this happens it brings people together to pitch in.

"I had the concierge from the high flats looking at cameras, police were keeping an eye out and kids who live nearby were out looking too."

"It was really hard because I love that wee animal. She's quite cheeky and chirpy and comical: she brings a lot of light into the house.

"It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't own one but I'm so happy to have her back and want to thank whoever it was who handed her in.

"She is a very tame bird but she's unlikely to go to someone in the first instance, but after three days of hunger she landed in the person's grass."

Scottish SPCA Glasgow centre manager Anna O'Donnell said: "Nicky had been on quite an adventure, she was missing from home for four days before being picked up by one of our animal rescue officers."

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