SOCIAL work bosses are being pressed for key details on safety and security after plans for a homeless hostel were given the green light.

MSP Sandra White, who covers the Kelvin Ward, has written to social work bosses asking for details about the hostel in Burnbank Gardens, Maryhill.

In a letter to David Williams, executive of Glasgow City Council social care services, she questioned the security and safety of the site.

The politician queried why a derelict facility in Castlemilk, could not be used as an alternative space and said the Burnbank House site "is not an area in which this type of hostel should be."

She raised concerns about consultations with homeless services, such as the Hamish Allan Centre, and asked if staff at these services had been consulted prior to the proposals going ahead.

A meeting has been set up for July 24 between the MSP and Eric Steel, the head of homelessness services.

She hopes the executive will address the issues which she and local residents have raised.

Ms White said: "The local people are still very concerned this will go ahead.

"They have provided documents showing the population in the area has a high proportion of elderly people single women and one-parent families.

"They are determined to get answers to the questions they, and I, are asking."

As reported in previous editions of the Evening Times, the former elderly care home will be used to accommodate 40 homeless men in the facility between Great Western and Maryhill Road.

Despite strong opposition by locals, the council still plan to proceed with the development and it is set to open on October 1.

Steven Bailey, chairman of Woodside Community Council, which campaigned against the hostel, said: "Social work are full of big promises, but ask them for what you want to know regarding security or assessment checks? There is no detail and it is all very hollow."

The local authority announced they were to invest £150,000 on security for the site, and said they would operate the facility in a phased approach.

They plan to accommodate 25 men to start with when the facility opens.

Council bosses will gradually increase that to 35 then 40, if the home passes all the relevant tests

Despite the MSP sending the letter six days ago, the council claim they have "no record" of receiving it.

A spokeswoman said: "We have no record of receiving a letter dated June 30th from Sandra White MSP.

"However, in response to earlier correspondence she has been invited to a meeting with social work later this month."