A TEENAGER is due to appear in court today in connection with an incident at an Orange Order march in the city.

The parade resulted in a total of 18 arrests, most of them for minor offences.

But police said a 19-year-old man will appear in Glasgow Sheriff Court today in connection with an alleged assault on another man.

And officers are hunting an attacker who left a 12-year-old girl with a serious head injury.

Trouble broke out at Glasgow Green where Orange lodges and loyalist flute bands gathered after marching through the city.

Around 4500 people took part in the march and thousands more lined the pavements.

As the parade ended, a young girl was seen with her head streaming with blood and needed medical attention.

An eyewitness said trouble erupted between a group of 25 to 30 spectators after marchers congregated in the park.

Some onlookers suggested the girl was hit in the face with a bottle. One said: "The mounted police came in and as it started to disperse, I saw this girl out of the corner of my eye coming across the grass screaming.

"It looked like she had been cut across her forehead and there was a lot of blood. I think she was just unlucky to be caught up in it."

Police officers at London Road station are appealing for witness to the attack on the girl, who was treated in hospital for her injuries.

Detective Sergeant Ronnie Payne said: "The park was very busy with bands, followers and members of the public on Saturday afternoon. I would appeal to anyone who witnessed this incident or has any information which could assist police, to telephone the CID at London Road on the non emergency number 101 or telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Police chief superintendent Andy Bates said of the Orange Order parade: "This event is one of the biggest policing operations the division manages on an annual basis.

"I recognise it is not the people taking part in the parade who cause the trouble but an unwelcome minority who use the event as an excuse to drink and cause offence."

n An online petition calling on the council to ban Orange Order marches has been signed by more than 1000 people.