THE uniform to be worn by Scotland's Commonwealth Games athletes in the Opening Ceremony has provoked ridicule after being unveiled in Stirling.

Even on Team Scotland's own Facebook page, it was described as "humiliating", "truly horrific" and "embarrassing".

One person posted: "I can sense a record haul of medals for Scotland. All the other nations will be throwing up for days after seeing this outfit."

The uniform received a positive reception from more than 400 athletes and officials who were gathered for their final team camp ahead of the Games, but derision elsewhere.

The outfit was designed by textile designer Jilli Blackwood, and combines a turquoise, fuchsia, navy blue and caramel tartan with a blue shirt for the men, and a flowing wrap-around dress for women.

Ms Blackwood said: "My brief from Team Scotland was to come up with a parade uniform that was high on impact and made a real statement, but also had a contemporary feel.

"There will be nomistaking this is the Scottish team as they proudly step out at the opening ceremony."

But others, posting on the official Team Scotland website weren't impressed. One said: "Humiliating for anyone who has to wear these outfits", whileanother said it was a "dog's dinner I'm afraid. Just have to hope they perform for us despite this."

Another suggested: "It is what it is now. So instead of everyone criticising it, and possibly deflating the spirits of any athletes reading this, just get behind the team."

And another person posted: "Have to admit its one of the worst looking tartans I have seen , and to team it up with that blue pattern is crazy.

"Still regardless of what they are wearing im sure team scotland will do us proud.

Commonwealth Games Scotland chief executive Jon Doig, said: "Jilli has delivered everything we hoped for and the response from the athletes, who played a key role in its development, has been great.

"And with each of the elements designed and made by companies in Scotland, we are already on to a winner."