A SECOND family from a cuts-hit special needs school is criticising council chiefs.

Education bosses stopped Broomlea nursery class, in Possil's Broomlea Primary, due to it only having two pupils.

Last week, we told how mum Donna Ward was pleading with Glasgow City Council to reverse its decision and leave her son Kai in the nursery. Now Tracey Carroll, mum to Kai's four-year-old classmate Macey, has similarly slammed council chiefs.

Tracey, 28, said: "We went down to the school for parent's night and the teacher mentioned the nursery class was closing because it was only Macey and Kai in it.

"That's not the kind of thing you expect to hear at parent's evening, that your child is not going back to their nursery. We are not very happy about it, to say the least."

Council chiefs have decided Macey should move to Croftcroighn Nursery for one year, then return to Broomlea for primary one.

Macey has neuronal migration disorder, which Tracey describes as a form of cerebral palsy.

Tracey added: "Macey's dad and I felt it would be a better idea to keep her in the one place and asked if she could move up early.

"But the school said the primary is full."

Tracey says even slight disruption causes distress to Macey - and has had negative results in the past.

Kai is also four but is in P1 at Broomlea. However, due to the severity of his disabilities, teachers kept him in the nursery class with Macey.

Now he is being moved into a primary class and will lose the staff who have supported him for two years.

Last October the city council moved support staff from Broomlea, Langlands and Howford schools. Parents hit out after instructors trained to support pupils with severe visual, hearing and communication difficulties were cut from the three primaries and moved to secondary schools.

A council spokesman said the nursery class at Broomlea primary school was not closing.

He said: "Macey was the only child due to be in the nursery class in August. It is clearly not the best learning experience for a child to be alone. Macey is going to join the nursery class at Croftcroighn Primary along with a member of staff who knows her.

"It would be inappropriate use of resources to have staff placed in a nursery where there is only one child.

"We will review the position with the nursery class over the next year and if there are sufficient numbers then a nursery class will be re-established in Broomlea Primary."

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