Evening Times readers took to our website and Facebook to offer their views on the outfit Scottish athletes will wear at the opening ceremony of Glasgow 2014:

GOOD grief, what are they thinking? These outfits are ridiculous.

The hunky rugby players look emasculated, and the girls look like they are just about to do a shift at the factory.

Those shawls make them look like they have travelled down from their wee crofts in the Highlands 200 years ago.

And the designer looks as if she has just stepped off the pages of Alice in Wonderland, having stolen the Mad Hatter's outfit. What a showing up!

Rosemary Keery Glasgow

How can Scotland be taken seriously when this is the tat we are traipsing out for an international audience?

This does not represent the Scotland that I know and love.

Go see ScotStreetStyle for some examples of proud, well-dressed Scots.

Elizabeth Jeffrey

Who in God's name designed this? As a guy who has worn kilts all my life, I am astounded this has been chosen.

My sons are in a little group called Drumsnroses and wear a Saltire kilt - now that is Scottish.

Gordon Lawrie

I would be very surprised if some of the athletes don't reject this get up.

It is truly awful, the result of an arty-farty designer's ego trip.

Johnny Mack

Don't be so quick to blame the designer.

It would be interesting to know how many of the folk on 'the committee' were allowed to get in their tuppence-worth!

That said, any innovative strip/uniform is purely subjective.

Some will always love what others hate.

Tony Huggins