CAMPAIGNERS took their message to the Glasgow public asking if they would support a change to Scotland's transplant system.

MSP Anne McTaggart visited a British Heart Foun-dation store in Dumbarton Road to ask shoppers their views on an opt-out system, for which she is campaigning.

The politician is one of dozens of MSPs backing the Evening Times' Opt for Life campaign to change Scotland's transplant system.

She plans to lodge a parliamentary bill calling for an opt-out system, where the default position is that everyone is a donor. Under the system, the public will for the first time, have the legal right to record a 'yes' or 'no' decision about donation.

It is thought that the change will lead to a drop in family refusal rates - one of the major barriers to donation.

At the end of her 12-week consultation she will present her findings.

Ms McTaggart said: "I will be taking information throughout Scotland, into community centres, cafes, shops as part of this consultation.

"The aim is really just to get people to sign up, think about it and talk about what they want in terms of organ donation. I want to raise the profile of the issue itself and let it become a conversation within people's households."

"It's a better system as it takes the onus off your family members.

"They don't have the stress of wondering what your opinion was and it enables people to still have the choice.

"People don't need to donate all their organs, or any if they don't want to."

David McColgan, policy manager at British Heart Foundation Scotland said the charity supports Ms McTaggart's work. Along with other charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Kidney Research UK, they have helped to push for the change to an opt-out system.

Mr McColgan said: "We are looking for ways to increase the chances of more organs becoming available as right now in the UK, three people a day die waiting for an organ.

"One of the biggest barriers to organ donation is communication.

"It's something that touches everyone and I would encourage everyone to think about it."

It comes as figures show that the last financial year was a "record year" for organ donation and transplantation.

In 2013/14 there were 4655 transplants carried out in the UK - 10% up on the year before.

However NHS Blood and Transplant warned that family refusal rates remain "stubbornly low".